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Shine, Shine, Shine by Mr. Mustache & Co.

01 On Our Side Of Town
02 I See Jesus In Your Eyes
03 Shine, Shine, Shine
04 Elizabeth’s Song
05 I Know That Jesus Loves Me
06 All Creation
07 I’m Glad The Lord Made Me Like He Did
08 I Want To Be Just Like Jesus
09 You’re Unique
10 Oh My Dear Little One
11 Balaam’s Mule
12 A Little Boy’s Lunch
13 Take, Eat
14 Jesus Died On The Cross For Us
15 You Are Special

He Has Everything Under Control by the Walters

01 How Deep Is The Love Of Jesus
02 There Is A Heaven
03 What Makes You Think Jesus Loves You?
04 The Good Good News
05 He Has Everything Under Control
06 Be Still and Know
07 Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
08 The Little Wooden Sign
09 You’re Holding My Hand in the Dark
10 With or Without You
11 There’s a Great Flood Comin’
12 He’s Calling to You