A New Book By Dave Walters

The Heritage of the Lord

“How do you determine the value of one individual? Is one person worth more than another? Are adults worth more than children? Does ethnicity or gender determine a person’s value? Are health, beauty, ability, or age legitimate factors in determining the worth of a soul?”

This is an excerpt from a new book by David Walters. “THE HERITAGE OF THE LORD” will be available soon.

In this book, THE HERITAGE OF THE LORD, the author discusses what the Bible has to say about the eternal value of children. He explains that God makes no mistakes, and that small things can make a big difference. The impact that divorce, abuse, abortion, and neglect has had on children is explored, and the urgency of the task of reaching children for Christ is put forth.

It is high time we value children; to give thanks for them and pray for them. Children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

This book will soon be available online through this website.