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    Welcome to the website of Children’s Television Ministries, Inc., producers of Mr. Mustache and Company, a television program that has been presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children since 1977. On this website you will find information about the ministry, weekly broadcasts, music, sermons, and a link to an online store featuring items related to the ministry. Thanks for visiting our website, and God bless you and yours. CONTACT INFORMATION You can contact CTM, by calling (989)306-2567, or by visiting Mr. Mustache at his toy store in Rogers City. You can also contact Mr. Mustache himself by emailing him at:…

  • The CTM Newsletter • October 2019

    We are happy to report that our first video taping of “Mr. Mustache and Company” in the Onaway Studio was completed and is now in the editing stage. 

  • God Reveals His Power

    Click Here For The “God Reveals His Power” Coloring Book Click Here For The “God Reveals His Power” Activity Sheet

  • 2019 Men’s Conference

    Join us for a great day of fellowship and learning at the CTM “Overcoming With Christ” Men’s Conference on September 7th at the CTM Studio in Onaway. This Conference features two exciting forty-five minute sessions specifically designed to help us…

  • A New Book By Dave Walters

    The Heritage of the Lord “How do you determine the value of one individual? Is one person worth more than another? Are adults worth more than children? Does ethnicity or gender determine a person’s value? Are health, beauty, ability, or…